Alpha MBM Investments LLC Assumes Role as Founding Shareholder and Key Partner in Abu Dhabi’s Space Eco Park and Satellite City Project

Abu dhabi: 12/05/2024

In a significant move for advancing space technology and industry in the Middle East, Alpha MBM Investments, a private investment office of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Maktoum Bin Juma Al-Maktoum, a member of the Dubai Royal family, has made an investment of US$25 million in Aspace International Holdings Limited. This investment, made in March 2024 at a valuation of US$500 million, marks Alpha MBM Investments official entry as the founding shareholder and comprehensive strategic partner of Aspace International Holdings Limited.

The endeavor aims to propel the region’s space capabilities forward and foster innovation within the industry. Aspace International Holdings Limited has secured 3 million square meters of land in KEZAD, Abu Dhabi, where it plans to develop the ambitious Abu Dhabi Space Eco Park and Satellite City. This project envisions an ecological hub housing 3,000 enterprises, poised to become the largest advanced manufacturing hub in the Middle East’s space industry.

Mr. Sun Fengquan, Chairman & CEO of Aspace International Holdings Limited, expressed delight at having Sheikh Mohammed Bin Maktoum Bin Juma Al-Maktoum, on board, emphasizing the significance of his support in realizing their vision. The partnership is seen as a testament to their shared commitment to driving progress in space technology within the region.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Maktoum Bin Juma Al-Maktoum underscored the transformative nature of the project, aligning with the UAE’s forward-looking vision. By investing in cutting-edge infrastructure and fostering collaboration among international enterprises, the aim is to establish the region as a global leader in space exploration and satellite technology.

The involvement of the private investment office of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Maktoum Bin Juma Al-Maktoum, as the founding shareholder is a pivotal milestone in the development of the Abu Dhabi Space Eco Park. Already, more than 200 companies from various countries have expressed their intent to join the project. The UAE continues to extend its invitation to companies worldwide to participate in building the largest industrial cluster park in the Middle East. With its emphasis on innovation, inclusiveness, financial support, and a stable international platform, the Abu Dhabi Space Eco Park and Satellite City project aims to redefine the region’s role in the space industry.

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